Current Session Info

Center of Excellence and Academy ID Camp: Dec 15-18, 2014

Location: Houston Sports Park
Time: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
CoE Availability: Boys and Girls; Birth year 2002-2007
Academy ID Availability: Boys only; Birth year 2001-1997
Cost: $210

Houston Dynamo Winter Camp: Dec 15-18, 2014

Location: Houston Sports Park
Times: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm (2007 to 2002 birth years) and 6:00 pm - 7:30pm (2008 and 2009 birth years)
Availability: Boys and Girls; Mixed ability
Cost: $210 ($125 for 2008 and 2009 birth years)

Houston Dynamo Youth Club Membership 2014

Enroll as a Youth Programs Club Member!
Official members receive special discounts, benefits and a welcome pack.
Visit the Youth Club pages on or call 713.433.3967 for full details

Memberships available for
Infants; Newborn to 4 years
Kids; 5 to 12 years
Teens; 13 to 17 years

An excellent gift for young soccer players of all ages!
Registered members will receive $10 of all 2014 Houston Dynamo Camps and Training Programs

Getting Help

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Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash Youth Programs

Connect with, develop and grow the sport of soccer

The Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash Youth Programs provide professional support and tuition to area soccer players through a variety of year-round training options.

The progressive system of development provides a challenging curriculum that allows players of all ages and abilities to discover the game under close supervision of our experienced staff.

In Houston Dynamo Youth Programs players are encouraged to aspire towards success and for outstanding individuals, clear routes exist to advance to our renown Academy and, ultimately, to the First Team.

In Houston Dash Youth Programs players have a unique opportunity to connect with one of the few female professional teams in the country and are challenged to reach their potential

Recommended Programs based on age and ability:

(Houston Dynamo Programs available for registration from February 10th, Houston Dash Programs available for registration from March 3rd)

Dynamo and Dash Camps

  • Boys and Girls
  • Beginner and intermediate players
  • New to the game or play recreational soccer
  • Aged 5-12 years

Center of Excellence Training and Camps

  • Boys and Girls
  • Advanced players who play competitive soccer
  • Aged 7-12 years 

Academy ID, High School Girls and Residential Elite Camps

  • Boys and Girls, Advanced players
  • Training under direction of Houston Dynamo Academy and Houston Dash staff
  • Showcase opportunity of Houston Dynamo Academy
  • Aged 8-18 years

Youth Club

Kids of ALL ages can enjoy unique benefits and experiences through the Houston Dynamo by joining our Youth Club. Infant, Kids and Teen memberships come with a cool welcome pack. Eligible Infant members will receive a fun Dynamo training session and Kids and Teen members enjoy $10 off all eligible Dynamo or Dash Camps and Training Programs.

For further information including how to host a Houston Dynamo or Houston Dash Program at your club, please visit or email

PLEASE NOTE: If this is your first time registering, when you click the Login/Register button above, you will be prompted to create your initial Parent/Guardian account, then next add your child to your account, and finally register your child for the appropriate camp or training program and check out.

For help, call 713.433.3967 or email